Spring flowers in full bloom

slowly fade and wilt

during the presence of the cold. 


Light fades into darkness

as cloudy days appear never ending. 


The cycle of life and death

continues from day to day,

season to season.

After the frost has melted,

a rebirth begins to show. 

Spring returns, offering blessings

in the form of color and light.

Its vibrancy cuts through the dreary clouds,

allowing nature to shine. 

            This design was inspired by ‘The Raven’ a poem by Edgar Allen Poe and ‘Moonlight Sonata’ a piano sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven.  Both pieces follow a theme of loss and longing for a significant other.  ‘The Raven’ deals with death.  ‘Moonlight Sonata’ deals with a romantic breakup.

My objective with this design is to portray the cycle of life and loss, the ultimate pattern.  I used a combination of live, wilted, and dead flowers to symbolize the theme.  Also, I incorporated motifs found in cemeteries.  Such as, the angel statue and the circle gate. 

The color palette referenced Dutch Golden Age paintings.  The Sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh was referenced through the live, wilted, and dead flowers.

The second design was inspired by the life and loss theme prevalent in recent cyberpunk/sci-fi stories.  For example, Altered Carbon, Bladerunner 2049, Robocop (2013), questions what life is, when does it end, how can we prolong life, is what we’re doing moral. 

The environment it these stories are usually overly industrious to the point where nature barely exists.  Also, the light source is bright, saturated, and electric.  I decided to use neon colors because those colors are used in those stories and I think it effectively portrays the theme. 


Closeup / Process

Moodboard - Part II


Final Image

Final Image

Closeup / Process